Ways to Implement SEO in WordPress


With WordPress, a website owner can create amazing pages without being a programmer. This offers a serious advantage for a small business owner who does not have the time or money to create Web pages. Of course, one must also understand search engine optimization. Here are three tips to implement SEO in WordPress.

Content: Above all else, one must have solid and readable content that is friendly to search engines. To do this, one should write the Web pages in a tactful yet SEO friendly way. When writing content with the right amount of keywords, one will be Continue Reading »

Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Professional Blog


A professional blog is a way to share information, engage with an audience and generate a conversation. For a business it’s also a valuable tool to get more exposure on the internet, and has spawned a whole new industry known as content marketing. While there are many blogging platforms to choose from, WordPress is the one that offers the most for a professional blog.

The first big advantage of WordPress are its search engine optimization, Continue Reading »

YouTube Embedding for Joomla Websites: Maximizing the Effect


YouTube videos can make your Joomla website stand out from the rest. Embedding YouTube videos into a Joomla website is extremely easy and requires little to no programming knowledge. In some instances, Joomla may automatically remove your embedded code once you save the changes, so make sure to turn off Joomla’s default editor.

Turning Off the Editor

Under the “Site” options, click on “My Profile”. This will take you to the back end of the administrative panel. Once you Continue Reading »

Reasons to Use Joomla Over the Others


Joomla is considered one of the leading website design platforms. They offer a variety of easy-to-use tools and plugins that make the entire design and development process simple. Many retail stores, corporations and bloggers use Joomla primarily because their websites are user-friendly and many of their templates are free to use.

Customize Your Own Template

Once you choose a template to use for your website, Joomla allows you to easily customize it to your specifications.

This is because Joomla is open source software that’s shared online. While there are some plugins and tools that cost money, Continue Reading »

Linking Social Media to Your Joomla Website


Joomla offers easy-to-use website templates that can be customized to fit any customer’s needs. Because social media is essential to the success of any business, being able to link your social media accounts to your website is very important. Joomla makes this process very easy by offering their clients a variety of tools and plugins.

Get Your Icons

The first step in linking your Joomla website to your social media accounts is to retrieve each individual icon from their respective social media outlets. This process is simple and can be Continue Reading »

Ways to Maximize Your Joomla-Based Website


Extensions let you maximize your Joomla-based website, providing rich experiences for visitors. Extensions will help you to monetize your website with ads or create an e-commerce store, but extensions may also slow down your Joomla website. If you are experiencing slower page loads and you are utilizing the latest version of Joomla and your extensions, check each extension to see if it is slowing down page load time and then consider removing or replacing any extension that is slowing your page Continue Reading »

Some of the Best Plugins for Joomla


Joomla is a great website building tool for individuals who have little to no experience with HTML coding. A variety of plugins are available for Joomla that have significantly improved the website building process and user experience. The following plugins are must-haves for individuals who use Joomla to build their websites:


Gathering information from your website’s visitors is important to the success of your business.

The Chronoforms plugin is great for people who have little experience with designing and coding online forms. The plugin can be Continue Reading »

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